Vharanani Properties currently directs all of its Corporate Social Initiatives towards the David Mabilu Foundation.  The objectives of the Foundation are to :

  • advance the objectives of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa (1996) by contributing towards improving the socio-economic conditions of the most vulnerable;
  • provide educational support for children from disadvantaged backgrounds;
  • contribute to race and gender equity in previously white male-dominated professions by providing educational support in especially mathematics, science, and technology;
  • support local economic development with a focus on job creation, skills transfer, poverty alleviation and wealth creation; and
  • provide shelter to the vulnerable and the poor, realizing their basic constitutional “right to housing”.


Educational Donationsread more

The Foundation believes that all South Africans has an obligation to get behind school education in whichever way they have the means to contribute. Through the inputs from people in the Tshidimbini Village in Thohoyandou, the Foundation identified 37 children from disadvantaged families…


Entrepreneurs Incubation Programmeread more

Being closely involved with small business contractors in the construction industry, we have noticed that there are many people with great technical skills, but lacking knowledge of and experience in areas such as financial management. For this reason the Foundation established an incubation…


Mandela Day – Giving Back 67 Minutesread more

The Foundation is an enthusiastic and active supporter of the National Mandela Day programme where all South Africans are encouraged to donate 67 minutes (equal to the number of years former President Nelson Mandela spent in pursuit of a free and democratic South Africa) of their time in giving…


United African Apostolic Church (UAAC)read more

From 2013 the Foundation is assisting the UAAC in Soweto with a Student Financial Support Scheme in terms of which the top 10 grade 12 learners from the church receives financial support from the Foundation for their tertiary studies. The learners will be selected not only on the basis of their…


Other donationsread more

The Foundation regularly donates money, goods, time and expertise to a range of worthy projects which meet its selection criteria. The following are some examples.