Vharanani Properties Invests in South Africa’s Future, Through The Youth

The 100 Ekurhuleni Shining Stars 2018 were recognised on 14 February 2019, at an event sponsored by Vharanani Properties.  The event saw accolades bestowed on the brightest youth under 35 in Ekurhuleni, in the areas of education, justice & law, health, arts, culture, media & entertainment, science and technology, business and entrepreneurship, environment, civil society and youth activism, philanthropy, politics and governance.

“The decision to sponsor this event was simple,” said Vharanani Properties CEO, Mr. David Mabilu. “As a company, we believe in investing in the youth, as they will shape the country’s future, and they therefore require all the support they can get from the corporate sector,” he said.  The annual event creates a platform for those youth to share the motivation behind their activities, and those that excel in contributing to economic growth, community upliftment, youth activism and job creation are prioritised.  Mabilu said that initiatives like this allow the corporate sector to consider the issues facing young people around the country, and actively listen to the solutions they propose to their own challenges.

“We commend the Ekurhuleni Municipality for supporting the commendable activities of these youth. Their ability to use their initiative, talents, and resources towards uplifting their community positions them as leaders, with strategic vision, and wisdom beyond their years,” Mabilu added.  He said that the youth who were acknowledged embody the same principles that guided the selfless actions of Tata Madiba and MmaSisulu, whose impact is still felt and celebrated to this day.

He however, lamented the fact that far too many youths go unheard by those who can support and uplift them.  “Many communities around South Africa are filled with young minds that have creative solutions to the challenges we all face daily, yet due to their limited opportunities, they lack the platform to present these ideas to the people who can facilitate their realisation.  As an organisation, Vharanani Properties manages infrastructure development projects across many provinces and comes face-to-face with many youths who are looking for that first step that will allow them to take an opportunity and turn it into the realisation of their dreams.  Our intention in sponsoring this event, is to keep the flame of hope alive in the hearts of South Africa’s youth – so they understand that we recognise the role they play in society, and that we believe in their abilities to take this country to higher heights.”

The company stands firmly behinds its responsibility to actively reduce the burden of unemployment on society.  This is embedded in the DNA of the business, and is accomplished through the sponsorship of student’s academic studies, administered through the David Mabilu Foundation.  Additionally, as a company operating in a labour-absorbing industry, Vharanani Properties uplifts the youth in the provinces where it runs projects, by encouraging smaller construction companies to register as suppliers, and have an opportunity to be mentored by this cidb 9GB company.

‘Our investment in the youth is an investment in the future,’ concluded Mabilu.